Value proposition

  • 20+ years of retail expertise in turnarounds, optimization, and management of key areas to accelerate profitable growth
  • Mastery of Retail analytics to reinforce decision making processes across key functions
  • Quick setup and implementation capabilities for accelerating results
  • Monetization schemes to make projects profitable from the first day of implementation
  • We design, and provide implementation, and change management
  • Share risks and rewards of the project
  • We are, without a doubt, one of the most specialized firms for the Retail sector in Latin America
  • We design and implement strategies that accelerate our clients' profitable growth
  • We focus on the long term, but are capable of generating immediate positive impacts on our client’s P&L
  • We transfer our knowledge through our "modus operandi" working side by side in the design and execution of each project
  • We empower and accelerate data-based decision making by leveraging our advanced Retail data analytics LAB.

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