EREA commitment is to help its clients find THE opportunities to excel, do the handholding in the execution phase and leave behind a lasting change.

To find: A number, a relationship, data that you have been looking for to take your company to another level, a fact that might already be staring you in the face but out of context you have not seen it. With our expertise and our technology, we highten your senses and ensure you see your company through a new lens to discover completely different ways to generate value.

Today, Business Intelligence tools (BI) make it possible; and it is where EREA adds value: We analyze our client’s massive data sets with cutting edge technology platforms, we compare it with external data and with our proprietary information to help you see things outside of your daily activities.

To assist: Most consulting firms are known for the recommendation they provide, we live and breath strategy, your strategy. But we are famous for how we become part of your team, take over various areas while maintaining an independent perspective — convinced that the optimal implementation is as important, or even more, than its design. What makes us famous is our ability to execute and deliver results.

To go beyond: Once the project is over, we provide a strategic blueprint to the organizations we work with, as well as the the tools to continue its implemention. Your company’s transformation has to be sustainable and lead to exponential growth that stands the test of time.