Type of projects


Other key consulting services

  • Digital Transformations
  • Optimization of strategy and administrative cost structure (overhead)
  • Takeovers, turnarounds, and transformation processes
  • Mergers & Acquisitions services

Main strategic retail consulting services are:

  • 5-year strategic plan for accelerating profitable business growth (design and implementation)
  • Trade Terms Negotiations with CPGs (Enhance profitability of commercial negotiations with suppliers)
  • Design and implementation of digital platforms for advanced retail management and data monetization with suppliers
  • Data monetization through our B2B digital platforms between retailers and suppliers
  • Commercial profitability enhancement of Retail businesses
  • Supply Chain Transformation and operations strategy

C-level interim management

EREA’s team of experts combines practical experience in retail management positions throughout Latin America with extensive experience in project management, and the application of world-class business optimization methodologies. This allows us to offer our clients the possibility of using EREA experts as interim managers within their own businesses, always under the supervision and guidance of the EREA partner team.

Typical cases in which these professional services may be required include:

  • Takeover processes, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Entry to new countries where the client does not operate
  • Establishment of new business functions for which the client must incorporate highly specialized equipment immediately and there are gaps in the local labor market
  • Restructuring and refloating processes
  • Periods of instability in the company in which it is better to use interim management instead of hiring a new executive who would have an uncertain short-term future.

* Normally, an executive management committee is created consisting of the owners of the company, the EREA partner team, interim experts and the client’s top executives.

*The usual positions we manage for our clients are:

  • General Manager
  • Commercial Director
  • Director of Store Operations
  • Director of Supply Chain Logistics Director

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