The Commercial Profitability Model of our
B2B Retail Platform consists of 5 modules


Retailer-supplier collaborative platform

Acceleration of all retailer-supplier collaborative improvement processes

  • We design a fast and intelligent platform that delivers the visibility that the supplier is looking for
  • We make it easy for the retailer to monetize all their data,
  • We increase the supplier’s perceived value which substantially increases the retailer’s sources of income
  • Turns the platform into a single source of truth between the suppliers and the buyer


Supplier Profitability

Increasing profit through negotiations with suppliers

  • We identify imbalances in the commercial relationship with the supplier
  • We designed a platform that provides buyers with the necessary information for any meeting with a supplier
  • We connect multiple sources of information, perform sophisticated analysis, and generate user-friendly reports designed for negotiations with suppliers
  • We show the buyer the most efficient arguments that they can use when negotiating with each supplier, looking for the best return for the retailer


Category Management

Business Empowerment (Categories)

  • We designed a platform that provides category management teams with a way to gauge performance and a 360-degree view of their management
  • We provide the necessary analysis for the control and review of the business


Optimisation of working capital

Inventory Productivity (Acceleration)

  • Empowering inventory management by providing visibility into investment, productivity, and efficiency
  • Accelerating inventory throughout the value chain


Store Operations

Improving Store Operations

  • We follow up with our Store Management System through planning, programming, execution, and evaluation
  • Answer Where am I? Where am I going? Where do I start? What are my main areas of opportunity? What do the numbers tell me?

An immediate way to monetize the project is to implement the Supplier Module, and charge access to suppliers.