RETAIL, the selling of products and services through multiple channels, including direct interaction with the end client, inspired EREA’s creation (In Spanish: Estrategias de Retail Avanzadas).

Our team has experience in many business sectors and has developed projects for many of them. However, retail is our core, our main area of expertise, where we have complete and holistic knowledge, including new business assessments, the development of strategic plans and its implementations, and global retail management.

In the mid-90s we started working on some of the most relevant projects in the retail sector in Spain, and it led us to Latin America, where we have led an important number of initiatives with the leading retail companies in Mexico, Central America, Chile, Peru, and Brazil, among many countries.

The types of projects we implement cover the whole retail spectrum:

  1. We conduct turnaround management for medium-size retail companies, doubling their value in record time.
  2. We execute complex strategy, commercial and operation’s retail projects for multinational companies.
  3. We improve our clients’ results by leveraging our retail and Latin American expertise in vendor negotiations, promo generation, and sector insight.
  4. Through our expertise managing organizational transformations, we help retailers evolve into an optimal management stage that helps increase sales and profitability, and enhances the enterprise’s overall value.
  5. We align the company’s long term strategy with its existing technology to maximize investment value, integrate the technology with its operation, and compliment it with the latest available technology.