To create value is important, but it must be sustainable, it must trascend and permeate the organization and its culture have real the long-term impact. We help our clients reinvent their future and accomplish tangible and sustainable results that outlive us and become part of the organization long after we are gone.

• We guarantee a positiove returns on investment (ROI) in the projects we undertake and encourage a risk sharing approach.

• We shoot for a 10 to 1 (10x) return in the projects we execute.

• We increase sales, minimize operational costs and make lasting improvements.

• We have double sales and even the EBITDA of our clients in less that 36 months.

• We improve the front and back margin of our clients, which translates into accelerated revenues growth.

• We execute turnaround strategies for companies in distress, heighten performance, and create operational efficiencies between departments as well as with service providers.
In conclusion, we help our clients function at a higher level. At EREA we get you out of your comfort zone to achieve extraordinary results.