Our mission is to be our clients’ business success catalyzer

We are a company focused on enhancing our clients’ sustainable growth through strategic consulting projects using data and technology to maximize reach and effectiveness. We accelerate our clients’ progress as we engage in the creation, planning and, most critically, the implementation of the business strategy. We truly believe this is the way to have the most impact in the economic development of the communities in which we operate.

20/20 Vision

To become the most prestigious firm in the RETAIL sector in Latin America, and one of the top three firms in the family business area by 2020.


We believe in a new era for consulting and this is reflected in how we work and our data driven desicion making process:

1. We execute disruptive game changing projects and we play to win.

2. We promote innovation and a data centric-technology world in the retail sector, with a focus for high impact in the short and long term.

3. We seek leadership through excellence, creating high performance work teams, combining intelligence with knowledge and experience to generate insight and increase value.

4. We train extraordinary consultants at an inspiring and entrepreneurial workplace.

5. We developed a network of top contributors to provide a complete solution, integrating many areas of business expertise.

6. We keep an independent vision to provide unbiased assessment.

7. We operate efficiently to minimize costs and be the most competitive player in the marketplace