At EREA we bet on global disruptive game changing projects, we advise and guide our clients and partners in how to achieve business transformation. Erea is a team of professionals who have done it time and time again. We not only advise but get involved in the execution. Our business knowledge, analysis and value propositions are based on data and technology to leverage and maximize impact, to ensure the path to be implemented provides a deep connection with the strategic objectives and the clients vision.

We invest in data scientists, mathematicians, software developers and technology experts and, above all, the best consultants, trained to analyze and operate cutting edge technology to process billions of data points in seconds, create models with hundreds of variables in order to gain insight and propose the optimal business path.

We have an extremely talended young team, coordinated by high-level consultants with proven success in global transformations of family businesses and large corporations. Each year, INCAE’s top students intern with us, and we hire the top of each class.

We believe in a new Client-Consultant relationship. We are constantly searching to:

• Generate the best outcome for our clients, at the overall bottom line and at the granular level with each and every executive we interact with.

• Enhance the benefits to the communities and stakeholders our clients operate in, improving employment opportunities and direct contributions.

• Grow as an entity that generates value, to reach more clients and communities and, at the same time enrich our team of consultants at a personal and professional level.

We believe in achieving success together. EREA becomes your closest ally, through success-based proposals, lean implementations, higher-speed of delivery, and big data analytics. We know the value we bring to the business, and we stake our reputation on it. Call us to have an interesting conversation!