EREA is a new way of understanding management consulting. We are a cutting edge firm that generates real, measurable and sustained value to its clients.

We focus on global disruptive game changing projects, using cutting edge technology that allows us to analyze billions of data points, automate processes, and obtain real-time information to generate insight and make timely decisions, turning proposals into executable and effective plans. All our decisions are data-technology driven.

We generate a dynamic process that begins by designing, together with the client, a strategy that can deliver and adapt in a changing market. The strategy is alive and actionable so as to act as a guide in the decision making process, and it is flexible and changing to lead to optimal results even in an uncertain environment.

We maintain a long-term vision consistent with the business goals, but with immediate improvements that generate credibility and trust to undertake the major transformation proposed.

We combine excellence in management, deep sector knowledge, and top level executive experience.

EREA is the talent, pulse, aspirations and commitment of its people. It is the fruit of years of experience, supported by the use of data and technology.