EREA was founded in 2009, with focus on the Latin American Retail sector. EREA is one of the most specialized retail strategy consulting boutiques in Latin America.

EREA was forged as a reactionary response to traditional consulting.

To work successfully with business owners, we knew, we had to be able to generate quick results, and leave aside the figure of a generalist multi-sector consultant. We needed to become savvy experts, who could add value from the get go.

In 2016, we incorporated a new Partner, highly specialized in data analytics, to launch our advanced retail data analytics LAB. The LAB has experts in data capture, processing, and enrichment for descriptive and predictive analytics, on the most sensitive decision making processes around retail management. With our analytics LAB, we added the ultimate ingredient to our success formula, and positioned ourselves as the best Partner for Retailers that want to accelerate growth organically.


“To accelerate profitable growth of our clients”

  • Strengthening Strategic Management
  • Empowering the decision making process with analytics
  • Partnering in the execution processes


“To become the best strategy firm for RETAIL businesses in Latin America and to penetrate the Supermarket sector globally with our retail analytics services”

Retail Analytics Lab in Guatemala, with experts in data capture, processing, and enrichment that allow us to provide predictive and insightful analysis to our clients.

Comprehensive perspective of the region provided by our track record of successful projects in most Latin American countries:

Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala.


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